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Day 12: Let Go, And Let God


Jul 5, 2014 Impact 2014 0 Comments

Written by Colleen Yang. Artwork by Keith Pang.

Psalm 35:1-3

For a period in my life, I struggled immensely with forgiving people that wronged me and mistreated me. I thought that God would never seek justice for me, so I fought really hard trying to seek justice for myself. In the process of seeking justice, I began to lose my identity in Jesus Christ. I felt ugly and unwanted just because those people looked at me that way. I lost sight of the way Jesus designed me, and I began to adapt to the way the world viewed me. I felt that God would never help me, so I kicked Him out and went my own way.

As time went on, I realized I was even more bitter because all my thoughts were consumed with those people and how I could get revenge. I insincerely mumbled the words “I forgive you” multiple times, yet deep down I knew that I was not going to give God that part of my burden.

During a summer camp, a camp counselor came over to pray for me and as she prayed, it was as if God himself was speaking right into my ear. She prayed, “God will bring justice for you!” “God is fighting for you!” “You can trust me with this part of your life!” As she prayed those words, tears began to uncontrollably run down my face.

At that moment, I knew there is nothing in this world that God cannot do for you, because He loves each one of us so deeply. Even when you feel like you need to do it on your own, God is right there beside you, wanting to help you. When you hurt, God hurts 1,000 times more, because He is a God that fights for His children. He is a God that does not abandon His children to be eaten alive by the enemy. HE IS OUR SAVIOR!

Think about it. What are those things that you refuse to leave to the Lord?

Will you let go, and let God?

Reflection Questions
1. Are there areas in your life that you have not surrendered to the Lord? What are they and what is holding you back?
2. What does freedom look like to you? Do you trust God to bring you to a place of complete freedom?

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