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Day 15: What is God’s Will?


Feb 1, 2015 Impact 2015, Youth 0 Comments

It’s a big question, isn’t it? Maybe you have a burden and a desire to do something specific, but you aren’t one-hundred-percent sure that it’s what God has called you to do. Or maybe you don’t have a burden per say, but you desperately want one, and so you’re seeking the Lord and praying that he would give you a Holy Discontent – something that sets your heart and soul on fire.

Do you fit into one of the two categories? Or maybe both? I think that I fit into both sometimes – one of the exhausting perks of having a multitasking brain. I believe that, no matter which scenario you identify more with, you’re in a good place. You’re in a place of dependence, and of seeking Him.

When God makes His will known to you, I think that you’re going to know. I think that you’ll have peace and assurance. Personally, I tend to get really excited about something while I am in the midst of seeking Him. But then, when it seems really clear what God has for me to do, I get scared and intimidated and realize that, “Oh goodness, this is going to be hard and I can’t do it on my own!”

But knowing God’s will isn’t always as important as seeking God’s will. And when I say “important,” I don’t mean that seeking is actually better than the knowing, but that urgently looking for a lightning bolt moment of clarity is not as meaningful as actually seeking to know God better. These are two different tasks. Both are desires for clarity and direction, but one is focused more on us, and the other more on Him.

What is the will of God for you? For me? It’s sanctification. It’s not a one-time answer or a one-size-fits-all solution—it’s a long, hard and beautiful process. 1 Thessalonians 4:3 says, “For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you…” and then comes a list of things that we, as believers, should abstain from (Read it. It’s not fun stuff.)

Long process. Hard journey… Not the answer you were hoping for, right? But He is good, and He does have a purpose for you – He has chosen you for Himself, for salvation. And that is absolutely enough.

Reflection Questions

  1. Are there things that burden your heart, that you feel compelled to do something about? What are they? What are you doing about them?
  2. Surely God has given you moments of clarity, even if seemingly very tiny, that have led you on a path or pointed you in a specific direction. What are they? What are you doing about them?
  3. How might God be using this in-between time, as you wait for further clarity, heavier burdens, or even a lightning bolt of some sort, for His glory? And how are you growing through the waiting?

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Hannah Samuels was raised in Northern Virginia, but “grew up” in East Asia when her family moved there in 2009 to care for the fatherless. She loves stories, strong cups of tea, knitting needles and big dreams. Hannah blogs about Loving Dangerously at

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Katherine Yao loves God, loves art, and is passionate about both listening to and telling stories of all kinds. She believes that stories are the lifelines of humanity – what connects all different people together. She attended Maranatha High School and is currently at UC Berkeley, studying art and media studies. Although the future is still vague, she hopes to be an illustrator and be thoroughly involved in youth ministry. If you ever meet her, strike up a conversation about music, cartoons and films, food, interesting names, or the love of her life, Jesus!

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