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Day 2: Earnest Prayer


Jun 25, 2014 Impact 2014 0 Comments

Written by Katy Lee. Art by Christine Hwang.

Pray. Yes. I’m gonna pray. I’ll sit here for 15 minutes and pray. Right now! Just let me get into my comfortable position. Get my Bible. Prop up the pillow. “Dear God, I—” Oh wait, just remembered I have that overdue library book! Let me just take it out of my bag so I won’t forget.

“Ok, God, I’m back. I want to thank you for…” I really should go finish my math homework. Still have 12 more problems to do….after that I have to read 5 chapters for English Lit… “God, I just can’t concentrate right now. I’ve got too much to do. But just want to say thank you for everything and please bless everyone. Amen.”

I always have good intentions to pray, but often I let things get in the way. Notice I said “I let.” No excuses. I allow, I decide, I let things intrude into my prayer time.

Recently I heard a message about experiencing God’s power. Who wouldn’t want to see God’s power? But how?

“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” James 5:16 (NLT) (emphasis added)

It’s that simple. God’s power and wonderful results in my life is available to me—through earnest prayer. To be earnest means purposeful, resolute, intent. I was convicted that I need to choose to pray.

Prayer doesn’t come without effort. I must be intentional. As a way to discipline myself, I set my alarm for 15 minutes, to not let anything take me away for 15 minutes. That 15 minutes is for purposeful, resolute, intent prayer. I will not move for anything. No phone, no text, no bathroom, no “wait a minute God.”

God, teach me how to pray and let me experience your power. I want to want you more than anything else in the world. As I begin this journey show me that I can’t live without you.

Reflection Questions
1. What are the biggest distractions that keep you from focusing when praying to God?
2. Are you willing to invite God into these distractions and to walk through them with Him, so that He can be the Lord over your life?

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