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Day 5: Trying to Manage


Jan 22, 2015 Adult (English), Impact 2015 0 Comments

“Therefore, brothers, we have an obligation—but it is not to the sinful nature, to live according to it.” (Romans 8:12)

Today was not my day. This past week, I had been fighting the flu and today, an eye infection as well. I knew I would be useless at work so I called in sick. The only time my eye felt any relief was when it was closed. Already exhausted from a weekend of ministry, my body took full advantage of the opportunity to rest, and so did all my flu symptoms. The plan was to rest from work and make it to my evening class. Apparently, my body didn’t get the memo. For 10 hours, I was unwillingly, but secretly, very happily, subdued by heavy slumber.

Finally, I woke up and managed to make myself a humble meal of two fried eggs and a warm tortilla. Making it required as much effort as I could afford at the moment. So as you can imagine, as I stared at my egg and tortilla meal spilled on the floor, the plate still spinning, I could begin feeling the tremors of frustration and anger beginning to erupt in my heart. At that very moment, I had a choice: I could give in to my entitlement, take the “victim mentality” and demand something to go “my way” for once today, or I could take a paper towel, clean everything up and start all over again.

As I sat at my table eating my new breakfast burrito for dinner, while my eye was discharging tears and mucus, still pulsating with pain, and my body feeling weak, my heart began to grow with thankfulness as I thought about the Spirit who lives in me, who gives me a choice. I could rise above the situation and not be enslaved by my flesh. The victory burrito tasted great. After all these years, my spirit was willing and so was my flesh. Today was not my day; it was the Lord’s.

If you are born again, it means you now have a choice. Whether at home, work, school, or church, exercise your freedom to choose to follow Christ. Our lives will pull us from all different sides but the only way we will manage it all is to continue to choose Christ and His ways. No matter how small or how great the task may seem, honoring Jesus is always the priority. The Spirit in you will help you.

Reflection Questions:

  1. In what areas of your life are you most vulnerable to revert to living according to your flesh?
  2. How can you choose to live according to the Spirit and not your flesh today?


Written by Sarah Hwang. Artwork by Carol Li

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