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Day 8: This Morning I Wake Up


Jan 25, 2015 Adult (English), Impact 2015 1 Comment

“As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; but they were kept from recognizing him”. (Luke: 24: 15-16)

This morning I wake up to find
the world as it is.

We are talking without speaking,
hearing without listening,
looking without seeing,
and seeing without discerning.
Weary, perplexed
in our endless searching.

Fed up with incessant complaints
Tied up by numerous constraints
Failing in our restraints,
Finding no relief in our pain.
Speculations and calculations,
Juggling back and forth.
Caught by compulsions,
Paralyzed by procrastinations.
Puffed up by praise and pretension,
Let down by deception and disillusion.

Is that all, Lord?
Or there is more?

Help me to hear your voice
in the midst of many noises;
and listen to your Word
spoken and not heard.

Help me to touch your wounded hands
that reach out to the immensity of our lands.
Help me to find your grace,
in the sick and sulky faces;
and to see your light
in the hardened hearts and darkened places.

This morning I wake up to find
not only the world as it is,
but your world as it could be.
Lord, when I look,
help me to see.

Reflection Questions:

  1. What is the most difficult place that you find yourself in at this stage of your life? Can you see Jesus in the midst of this? Why?
  2. What would you say to your Lord Jesus in your predicament? Be open to the touch of the Spirit in response to your prayer.


Poem written by Christina Wong. Artwork by Jasmine Chan


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