RE:NEW - We're calling YOU to set aside 40 days for the Lord!

Get Started

Take a few days to pray and prepare for the next 40 days. Dedicate yourself to prayer, to fasting, to the reading of scripture, and to creating or finding a space to worship as you inquire of the Lord His plans and His purposes for your life. Designate three challenges that you want to remain faithful to or to complete by the end of the 40 days. These challenges can directly address your commitment to the four core areas of prayer, fasting, scripture, and worship if you wish, or they can be on other related topics. Remember that these challenges are not the focus of the Forty Day Impact Challenge. Rather they serve as a reminder of our dependence on the Lord and are an opportunity to set ourselves apart for a period of 40 days in order to draw closer to Him.

Lastly, before beginning the Challenge, make sure to contact a group of loved ones who can pray for you throughout your journey and who can encourage you and keep you accountable in your three challenges. Update your prayer warriors frequently and allow them to share in both your blessings and your trials. You may also want to keep a journal or blog to record each day’s events and to make it easier for you to update your prayer warriors.

Sample challenges: refrain from eating sweets or other drinks besides water for 40 days / wake up earlier everyday to spend time reading God’s word / encourage at least one person each day / pray for your coworkers and invite them to church / set aside time each week to worship God through music and art / read or memorize an entire Bible passage or book / fast three meals a week* and donate the money you saved to charity / write an encouraging letter or make a meal for your parents, boss, or other authority figures in your life / make a photo collage of the things you’re grateful for each day / fast from your phone and other social media channels / spend time doing something you’re really passionate about

*If you have any health issues, please check with your doctor before attempting to fast.